Friday, January 14, 2011

John Payne and a repeat

Tonight is one of those TCM lineups that I'm looking forward to, but can't really comment about much, since I haven't seen the movies. Lesser-known actor John Payne gets a night of movies on TCM, of which the first three look to be interesting crime or mystery movies:

99 River Street at 8:00 PM ET;
Kansas City Confidential at 9:30 PM; and
The Crooked Way at 11:15 PM.
The last of the four movies before TCM Underground is To the Shores of Tripoli, a World War II movie.

Coming up early Saturday morning on TCM, at 7:30 AM, is It's a Wonderful World. If the title sounds familiar, that's probably because it should be: I just mentioned it on Tuesday as being somewhat like Come Live With Me.

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