Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year, new films out of the Fox vault

I've commented a number of times in the past about the Fox Movie Channel's seeming strategy of taking films out of their vault, running them several times over, say, a six-month period, and then putting the movies back in the vault for years. With the turning of the year, a fresh set of movies has been taken out of Fox's vault for our repeated viewing enjoyment. One of the movies I'm thrilled to see back on the channel is Harry and Tonto, which I recommended back in November 2008. It's airing at 6:00 PM ET tonight. This being the FMC, it's got a number of repeats, including one later in the evening, followed by another at the end of January and at least one in February. (I'm not certain how far ahead FMC is programmed.)

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