Thursday, January 13, 2011

The latest two Fox repeats

There's not all that much on in the next 24+ hours that fits the dual criteria of being something I'd really like to recommend, and being something I haven't recommended in the past. TCM's birthday salute to Kay Francis ends with the 1941 movie Play Girl, which does not seem to be a remake of the 1932 movie Play-Girl. I haven't seen the 1941 vilm; I'd love to recommend the earlier one just because it starts off with a great pre-Code line. (It's not available on DVD, however.) I'm also not terribly excited about tonight's lineup of Peter Sellers movies. Looking over at the Fox Movie Channel, there are a lot of movies I've recommended in the past, but haven't mentioned in quite some time, so I might as well point out that they're airing again. Hangover Square is the first of these, kicking off tomorrow morning's FMC lineup at 6:00 AM ET. Now they really need to bring Laird Cregar's Heaven Can Wait back out of the vault. Hangover Square is followed at 7:30 AM by Tobacco Road, which, like Heaven Can Wait, stars Gene Tierney.

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