Saturday, August 18, 2012

A short and a not-on-DVD repeat

TCM is in the middle of its 24 hours of movies with Freddie Bartholomew in the cast, as part of his day in Summer Under the Stars. The Essential is Captains Courageous at 8:00 PM, which I've recommended before and which I really don't have to mention anyway since it's on DVD. Just before Captains Courageous, or a little after 7:45 PM, is the short Hollywood Goes to Town, which according to the TCM database is a 1938 short about the premiere of Marie Antoinette. I don't think I've seen the short before, which sounds at least as though it'll be more interesting than most of the trailers the studios made for their movies at the time.

Back in April, 2010, I blogged about Lloyd's of London, another film that TCM has gotten the rights to show from Fox. It's on tonight at midnight ET, and according to TCM's schedule it's not available on DVD. From what little research I've done, it doesn't seem to be art of Fox's MOD archive yet, either. The first set of Fox MOD releases is here, with the second set here.

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