Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let's thank the Warner Archive again

I was pretty cetain I had recommended The Hucksters before; indeed, I blogged about it back in November, 2010, when Ava Gardner was TCM's Star of the Month. The Hucksters is getting another airing, tomorrow morning at 7:45 AM as part of Deborah Kerr's turn in Summer Under the Stars.

Now, if you'll read the old blog post, you'll see I pointed out that it's not available on DVD. That was accurate at the time, but looking at tomorrow's TCM schedule, it shows a link to purchase the movie on DVD. Sure enough, The Hucksters has gotten a DVD release in the meantime; specifically, last September from the Warner Archive.

Speaking of movies I blogged about in the past which have gotten a DVD release since I blogged about them, I see that TCM is hawking a Forbidden Hollywood, Volume 4 box set, which is apparently going to be released soon, although there's no release date listed as opposed to the page for The Hucksters. That one contains Jewel Robbery and Lawyer Man.

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