Saturday, August 25, 2012

Documentary heads up

TCM is running a 45-minute documentary on Gary Cooper tomorrow as part of Cooper's day in Summer Under the Stars. That documentary, titled Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend, will be on at 9:45 AM and is narrated by Clint Eastwood. According to the TCM schedule, it's not on DVD, so you'll have to catch it on TCM.

On Sunday night at 8:00 PM, TCM's Essentials Jr. selection is Ball of Fire. I wrote back in February 2010 that it's available on DVD, but the DVD seems to be out of print, similar to what I mentioned earlier today regarding Witness for the Prosecution. As for it being an Essentials Jr. selection, I think it's another of those movies that's almost completely unobjectionable, but one that younger children might have problems with for long stretches.

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