Friday, August 31, 2012

Robert Osborne's latest absence

I should have posted something on it yesterday, but I didn't watch Lady For a Day, which kicked off prime time. Those who did watch it would have seen Ben Mankiewicz filling in for Robert Osborne, who is taking another break. I don't think any news has been released about how long Osborne is going to be absent, but it should be remembered that the Osborne and Mankiewicz spots are taped several weeks in advance, so TCM presumably knew about this for some time. The one thing I find interesting is that Osborne's absence started on August 30 and not to coincide with the start of a month or a week.

Blogger Will McKinley goes into a bit more detail. (Note that he is mistaken about Mankiewicz not taking up any of the slack; Mankiewicz hosted the entire Summer Under the Stars last year.)

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