Sunday, August 5, 2012

TCM schedule heads-up

TCM was running a promo this week that I think got one of the showtimes wrong. Their Summer Under the Stars promos are highlighting what's coming up on weekends in prime time, and they announced tonight's Claude Rains lineup as:

The Invisible Man at 8:00 PM;
Mr. Skeffington at 9:30 PM; and
The Unsuspected at 12:30 AM.

Now I know Mr. Skeffington seems like an overlong movie, but it really only runs 146 mintues, and not a full three hours. With Robert Osborne's introduction and closing remarks, that should make the end of Mr. Skeffington right around midnight, which means the next film could start at 12:15 AM. This, in fact, is what TCM's online schedule and printable monthly schedule say. All three are availalbe on DVD anyhow, so if you miss any of them, you can catch them that way.

TCM's online schedule also doesn't list any shorts today to pad out any of the running times.

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