Sunday, March 8, 2015

Harold Lloyd Shorts on Silent Sunday Nights

Tonight sees the return of Silent Sunday Nights after the five-week hiatus for 31 Days of Oscar. This week sees four two-reelers starring Harold Lloyd. However, as often happens when there are a bunch of shorts put into one longer block, the schedule often winds up confused.

TCM's online daily schedule lists the four shorts all beginning in the following order:

Get Out and Get Under
High and Dizzy
I Do
From Hand to Mouth

Also according tot the daily schedule, there's going to be a short called Bermuda Cockleshells (one of those RKO Sportscope shorts) following the four silents, at 1:50 AM. The four shorts put together add up to about 100 minutes. The monthly schedule, which I downloaded a week ago, however, has Get Out and Get Under and I Do switched, keeping the other two in the same order. No mention of any shorts, but that's no surprise because the shorts are generally only schedule a week ahead of time or so.

And then there's the satellite box guide, which stars off with From Hand to Mouth, follows that with High and Dizzy, Get Out and Get Under, and I Do in that order. The box guide also lists each movie as starting on the half-hour, although I've noticed when there are a bunch of shorts the box guide always gets the starting times wrong.

The silents are all from before 1923 so they should all be in the public domain. Here's Get Out and Get Under:

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