Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TCM Guest Programmer March 2015: Robin Quivers

Once again, the end of 31 Days of Oscar means that we get back to programming blocks that show up every month but February and August. Today's programming block is the Guest Programmer. Robin Quivers, whom you might know as Howard Stern's sidekick, has selected four films and will be sitting down with Robert Osborne tonight to present them. Those movies are reasonably well known, but all worth a watch:

Montgomery Clift falls in love with Elizabeth Taylor, which leads to tragedy since he's already knocked up Shelley Winters, in A Place in the Sun, at 8:00 PM;
Sidney Poitier and his family come into an insurance inheritance and debate what to do with that money in A Raisin in the Sun at 10:15 PM;
William Holden is brought in by junk magnate Broderick Crawford to teach refinement to Crawford's chorus-girl wife Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday, at 12:30 AM; and
Cary Grant shows up with tabloid writer James Stewart to try to prevent ex-wife Katharine Hepburn from getting remarried in The Philadelphia Story, at 2:30 AM.

As I said at the beginning, those of us who watch TCM all the time will know all of these movies fairly intimately, and some people will probably complain that it's a terrible thing that Quivers didn't pick any lesser-known movies but "the usual suspects". It never ceases to amaze me, though, how many people don't know about some of the truly great old movies. These four aren't a bad place to start.

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