Monday, March 9, 2015

Immortal Ephemera

Today happens to be the birth anniversary of character actor David Landau, who made 30 or so movies in the first half of the 1930s before his untimely death in 1935. One of the credits that jumped out at me looking at his IMDb page was as the man who gave up his daughter to doctor Lionel Barrymore at the beginning of One Man's Journey. That, and the warden of the work gang in I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang. I did a Google search for some suitable images of Landau to illustrate this post with, and one, or Landau and Mae West from She Done Him Wrong, was linked to a site called Immortal Ephemera.

It turns out that the post in question was a lengthy and very well done biography of Landau, which gives much more information and contains a lot more in the way of screencaps than I ever would have come up with. There's a lot on Street Scene in which Landau plays Sylvia Sidney's father, a role he reprised from his time on Broadway. With the blog being so interesting, my first thought was to see whether I should add it to my blogroll. Being interesting is one of the two criteria; the other one is that it's still being updated and posted to with reasonable frequency. That seems to be the case as well, so the blog is now on my blog-roll over to the right.

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Cliff Aliperti said...

Thanks very much on both counts, Ted--Very glad you found and enjoyed the David Landau post! My turn to poke around here a bit :)