Thursday, March 26, 2015

TCM's prime time lineup: March 26, 2015

TCM's schedule lists tonight's lineup as "More Hammer Noir". I have to admit that I haven't seen any of the features in tonight's lineup, but one or another of them sounds as thought there could be something interesting. I'm usualy mildly intrigued when I see any of these non-presitge British movies on the lineup. I watched Obsession when it was on a few weeks back, which was a lot of fun, and think I mentioned THe Secret Partner briefly; that one aired at the end of January. Made between those two was stuff like Twist of Fate. There are several other movies from the 50s from Britian that would broadly fit the noir/thriller/crime-tinged drama genres, but I can't remember the names of all of them.

There are also quite a few shorts in among the features tonight. Life in the Andes, for example, at 12:20 AM, sees James Fitzpatrick going to Peru in 1952, which mildly surprised me, because even though I've looked at Fitzpatrick's page on IMDb quite a few times, I thought that by the end of his time at MGM making those Traveltalks shorts he was reduced to making a bucnh about Europe. Perhaps equally interesting is Operation Dirty Dozen, a making-of about the 1967 film, at 1:49 AM. This one shows Lee Marvin doing his thing around London in his off time, and those scenes make the featurette worth watching. At 3:38 AM, there's a featureet on Lady Sings the Blues. Any time I see one of these featurettes pop up I wonder if the movie it's promoting is going to be on TCM soon, which in the case of Lady Sings the Blues would be a treat since it shows up so rarely. But, the TCM database seems to imply that it's not going to be on through June.

Tomorrow morning sees a whole bunch of movies with the word Spring in the title, including the lousy early musical Spring Is Here at 7:30 AM.

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