Thursday, May 4, 2017

Creature features, but....

As we're in the first week of a new month, it's again time for a new feature on TCM, this one being the monthly TCM Spotlight. It's Creature Features, or those fun (if not always particularly good) monster movies mostly from the 1950s and 1960s. This week sees, among others Mothra overnight at 1:15 AM; I think it's the subtitled version since TCM's brief page on the subject mentions the English-language version of Rodan coming up later in the month. The night ends with Reptilicus, a co-production filmed in Denmark and with different versions for Denmark and the US; again, the website mentions that we're getting the American version (more unsurprisingly here).

However, the TCM page on the spotlight is in general quite brief. As with last month, there's no mention made of who's going to be the host of the spotlight. Since there was a guest host last month, I'd guess there's one this month too. In general the TCM pages seem to be less informative than in the past. Apparently to find out things like guest hosts you have to do the social media thing now.

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