Monday, May 8, 2017

Spotlight No. 2, and other shorts

About a year ago, I mentioned that TCM was running a short rather cryptically titled Spotlight No. 3. It's a Canadian short showing a couple of quick vignettes about Canada. As you can tell from the title, there are multiple shorts in the series. Overnight, or early tomorrow morning at 4:17 AM (following The Last Sunset), TCM is running Spotlight No. 2. IMDb's page does list the vignettes in this one, but that seems to be the only information, as this one doesn't have any IMDb reviews.

Back in October, I mentioned the 1935 short Crew Racing, which as I said back then sounds like it might be a Pete Smith short but in fact isn't; it's part of a different MGM series, the "Sports Parade". This one will be on again at 10:20 AM this morning, following Go Into Your Dance. Pete Smith fans, I think, don't get another short until Thursday, when The Fall Guy, the final entry in the series, shows up on TCM.

And there's yet one more chance to catch Crashing the Water Barrier, tonight at 9:42 PM after The Far Country. This is an interesting one made even more interesting if you read up on what happened to the short's protagonist afterwards.

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