Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Or, perhaps, a "Back on FXM Retro" post. It's been about six years since I mentioned the Kirk Douglas/Amy Irving movie The Fury. Well,tomorrow is the first day of a new month, which to me seems to mean some movies that haven't been on FXM in a while (perhaps not even since it was still the Fox Movie Channel 24/7) show up. The Fury gets an airing tomorrow at 1:00 PM, with another one at 9:55 AM Friday. And then it will get two more airings the following week.

This means that FXM Retro is still going, which I've mentioned quite a few times has always surprised me, at least pleasantly. Now if FXM Retro could just broadcast in the proper aspect ratio, rather than making me futs with the TV's aspect settings to get the old movies to show up properly. (It's most obvious with the old Academy ratio movies, which should be pillarboxed, but on FXM's broadcast are stretched instead.)

Immediately before tomorrow's airing of The Fury, at 11:00 AM, there's Quintet, a post-apocalyptic film starring Paul Newman and directed by Robert Altman. Frankly I don't care for this movie one bit, but if you read the IMDb reviews, it's amazing how many people not only like it, but give it very high praise. So you may want to watch it and judge for yourself.

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