Monday, May 15, 2017

Movies I blogged about years ago: May 15-16, 2017

I'm not certain what to blog about today, and with work still being a bitch I don't have as much time to do a good post on weekdays as I'd like. So I was looking at the schedules and saw a couple of movies I blogged about years ago that are coming up:

Seven Days to Noon will be on overnight at 1:45 AM on TCM. This is a nice little British thriller about a nuclear scientist who suddenly decides that Britain's work on the bomb needs to stop, and dammit, he's going to make them stop. It isn't perfect because of its small budget, but if you haven't seen it before it's well worth a look.

Come to the Stable is on FXM Retro this morning at 7:15 AM, but is going to be on again first thing tomorrow morning at 3:00 AM. Loretta Young and Celeste Holm play a couple of nuns over from France who get the small town they go to to put up a new children's hospital and church. Hokey at times, but good for the whole family.

The Big Street will be on TCM tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM as part of a morning and afternoon of Henry Fonda movies. Fonda plays a busboy at a nightclub who accidentally injures moll Lucille Ball, and then vows to take her down to Florida for a cure. It's a movie I have some serious problems with, mostly because it seems not to know whether it wants to be a screwball comedy or a drama, and winds up not succeeding at doing either.

[Edit:] I should have added that there's also a half hour of Lumière shorts overnight at 3:30 AM on TCM. I don't know which ones are in the set, and how they're presented.

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