Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rambling Film

I couldn't really think about much to blog about yesterday, as I mentioned by watching a one-reeler and doing a post on it. So when I noticed Brittani over at Rambling Film doing a series of posts in the Thursday Movie Picks blogathon, I decided to look at the blog.

It turns out the blog is one with a completely different focus on the movies than the one I have, since I prefer older movies; I have to admit to not knowing much about indie film. That's part because I've generally preferred older movies, but also because living in the middle of nowhere and with my lifestyle, I don't get to watch too many indie films.

Oh, I did watch the old IFC back when it was a commercial-free channel and they actually showed independent movies, and there were a couple of interesting movies I saw there. They not only showed "indie" movies, but also some foreign films that wouldn't show up elsewhere. I think that's where I first saw Dark Blue World and Death of a Cyclist. And I'm pretty certain I first saw Divided We Fall there many years ago, a movie about a Czech couple in World War II who wind up hiding a Jew for the duration, something that obviously brings up a whole bunch of problems. It's so sad to see that channel no longer there.

But back to Rambling Film. I've stated pretty much every time I add a blog to my blog roll that the two criteria for addition are being interesting, and being posted to on a relatively regular basis. This one fits both, so onto the blogroll it goes.

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