Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Under the Stars begins

Ah, we're up to August 1, the start of the annual Summer Under the Stars on TCM, in which each day is given over to 24 hours of films with a different star. The month starts off with Marilyn Monroe, which means that in a couple of the films she's not the star at all, most notably The Asphalt Jungle (9:30 AM). I'm sure this is mostly to cut down on the number of Fox movies TCM has to worry about getting the rights to.

The movie today I'm looking forward to is Ladies of the Chorus, which because it's on at 6:00 AM, is one you'll probably miss by the time you read this. It's one of Monroe's earliest movies, and really only a starting role because the movie was re-released after Marilyn hit the big time. I've kind of mentioned that before, with movies like Love Nest getting Marilyn on the front of the DVD case art even though she's only a supporting player. Anyhow, Ladies of the Chorus is another of those movies I haven't seen since I don't know when, which is why I wasn't comfortable doing a post on it. And surprisingly it doesn't seem to be in print on DVD.

Wednesday's star will be Ray Milland, with some more interesting things I haven't seen before coming up as well.

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