Wednesday, August 23, 2017

40s Grooviness

I'm not a particular fan of either Greer Garson (today's star in Summer Under the Stars), or Dennis Morgan (tomorrow's star), so the lineup on TCM isn't particularly exciting to me. And there's nothing particularly interesting on FXM Retro either, or more that I've blogged about the stuff. So I decided to see what shorts were on, and noticed that TCM was running one called Groovie Movie (yes, that's the correct spelling), tomorrow a little after 2:15 PM, or following Christmas in Connecticut.

I didn't realize the word "groovy" or any of its variant spellings dated to the 1940s, but that's what Wiktionary claims. Groovie Movie is a 1944 short about the groovy craze of the day, the jitterbug. Also, if you guessed that it's a Pete Smith short, you'd be right, so as with all the Pete Smith shorts it can be an acquired taste. (I haven't seen this one and can't comment.)

Having given the caveat about Pete Smith, at least this one sounds more interesting than the ones with Dave O'Brien.

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