Saturday, August 12, 2017

I thought I'd seen it before: Me and My Gal

I was thinking of doing a blog post on Me and My Gal today, since I saw that it was coming up on FXM Retro tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. However, as I was watching the movie, I began to get the strange feeling that I had seen it already. Two things particularly stuck out. One was a father-in-law character, who was a paralyzed World War I veteran and communicated by blinking his eyes. A key plot point involves him blinking his eyes in Morse code, when I would have thought it would be easier for the characters to suss it out by asking him yes/no questions about the next letter.

The other thing was the fact that a gangster was being hidden in a loft, and the stairs to that loft seemed mighty familiar, as was the fact that the guy was able to hide out there at all. (It's this hiding out that the veteran communicates about, which he first tries to do by signalling toward the loft entrance with his eyes.)

So I looked it up on the blog, and it turns out that I already blogged about Me and My Gal back in February 2010, when it was still the Fox Movie Channel and ran old movies 24 hours a day. On last night's movie I once again found the movie had some interesting stuff (the Strange Interlude sequence), but was overall a bit mediocre. That pretty much matches my 2010 opinion, and I watched the movie not having remembered I'd blogged about it already.

Having said that, though, I note that the movie is now available on DVD, which was not the case when I blogged about it back in 2010. The fox MOD scheme has released it individually, as well as part of a three-movie set along with The Power and the Glory (one that I'm really glad to see on DVD) and Stanley and Livingstone. As always, though, I wish the MOD prices weren't so high.

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