Monday, August 14, 2017

Briefs for August 14, 2017

Oscar-nominated writer and sometime actor Joseph Bologna died over the weekend aged 82. The Oscar nomination came for the screenplay to Lovers and Other Strangers, along with his wife Renee, who survives him. I feel like I should recognize Bologna better, but surprisingly I don't. Then again, of the movies he acted in, I've mostly only seen bits and pieces.

I mentioned not too long ago that the IMDb wasn't serving me those ads for movies along the side of the page, but had started with pop-out videos in the lower corner. Apparently other people complained (I don't bother because it's rare that people take my complaints under advisement at large sites like IMDb), because it's reverted fairly quickly to the way it had been. The only bad thing about the ads (which are for upcoming movies and so should be relevant) is that you can't really tell what the movie is since the important part seems to be in the top center.

As Young as You Feel is back on the FXM Retro schedule, tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. I thought I saw Roxie Hart coming up on the schedule sometime, but it's not in the next seven days. Then again, I was looking at the schedule past next Monday recently since I've got to do some things before I go off to that wedding this weekend.

One, Two, Three got a DVD and Blu-Ray release a few months back. It's such a good movie, and I remember when I blogged about it an age ago being surprised that it was out of print on DVD. I've been meaning to mention this one for a while now, too.

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