Saturday, August 12, 2017

KG's Movie Rants

Dell on Movies is co-hosting the fourth annual "Against the Grain" blogathon next week, along with KG's Movie Rants. The idea behind the blogathon is to pick a movie that "everybody loves" (at least as determined by its rating on Rotten Tomatoes) that you hate, as well as one that "everybody hates" but you love.

I'm going to be participating in it again this year, with the post going up on Friday or Saturday. I'm going to a wedding next week and as a result have to put stuff up ahead of time for Blogger to auto-schedule. At least I already know what movies I'm going to be blogging about.

Dell is, of course, already in my blogroll. KG wasn't, but the site fits the two main rules of being added to the blogroll: that it be interesting, and that it be updated often enough. So I've added the site to the blogroll.

Having said that, I should probably cull a few sites since they haven't been updated in years, literally.

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Dell said...

Glad you added KG's blog. He works hard on it and it shows. Of course, I'm delighted you're taking part again, but you already knew that.