Thursday, August 31, 2017

We now resume your regular programming

We're finally at the end of August which means the end of Summer Under the Stars, a programming feature I know a lot of diehard fans don't care for because if you don't like a particular star, there's a whole day gone. And then there are the people who complain that TCM only shows the same stars over and over.

September 1 brings a more regular lineup although, since it's a Friday, we're not going to get the Star of the Month until next week. Before then there's the return of the Boston Blackie Movies on Saturday, and Noir Alley on Sunday morning. More immediately, however, is that we get the more traditional programming themes.

Tomorrow morning and afternoon, for example, brings us a bunch of submarine movies. The morning kicks off with Run Silent, Run Deep at 6:15 AM. There's also a pre-World War II movie in Hell Below which follows at 8:00 AM.

It looks as the rest of the day's lineup is World War II, though. So nothing like Ice Station Zebra, or the silly Assault on a Queen.

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