Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: A summing-up

And so we reach the end of 2017, with TCM still to ring in the new year by running the six Thin Man movies, something I'm certain they've done in previous years. But the first one has a New Year's scene and is such a damn good movie that why not watch it.

As for this blog, I think this post means I wrote exactly as many posts as I did last year. Not that the quality is all that much better. I feel, but didn't actually count to prove it, that I didn't write as many full-length reviews of movies as I have in years past. Part of that should be natural. After all, I blog about old movies, and there's a finite number of old movies. At least if you mean something like studio era or movies from the Production Code era. They aren't making any new 1930s movies. But part of that is probably down to work being so busy, as well as a few things in my personal life.

My intention is to try to do full-length posts more frequently in 2018, but who knows? I've got a bunch of movies on my DVR, although I'm always saddened when I look through the DVR and find yet another movie that's out of print on DVD. I just watched Sea Devils this morning, and it's a mildly entertaining movie that, like Thunder Bay is certainly worth watching for people who are already fans of old movies. But it's not on DVD, probably because it was an independent/British production made with just enough Hollywood stars (Rock Hudson and Yvonne de Carlo) that it would be easier to get distribution in America.

As I stated in the "What I'm looking forward to" thread a week and a half ago, I've also got a bunch of DVDs that I bought for myself when I was buying everybody's Christmas gifts. I think I've got a good 30 or more movies on those DVDs, not counting the shorts as extras, that I've never blogged about. Time to start working on whittling that down so I can do another Amazon bulk purchase.

With all that said, I wish everybody a happy and healthy 2018, and I hope that the movies that you wish to see finally get DVD/Blu-ray releases do get them.

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