Friday, December 15, 2017

Briefs for December 15-16, 2017

I haven't seen the annual Parade of the Dead, or TCM Remembers 2017 yet. I haven't even seen anybody comment on it over on the TCM boards. TCM is going to have a night of programming late in the month honoring a handful of people who died in 2017, of course, but the ~4-minute piece with clip off all the notable deaths seems to be missing. I actually made a point of watching for the end of Around the World in 80 Days around 7:45 PM yesterday since I knew there were be some time in between that and prime time, and just before prime time is a good place to put it.

Speaking of dead people, Filmways boss Martin Ransohoff died on Wednesday aged 90. Among the movies he helped produce were Boys Night Out and The Cincinnati Kid. Filmways was probably better known for its TV shows, however, such as Mr. Ed and The Beverly Hillbillies.

I have know idea what Disney's intention to purchase some of the Fox properties means for fans of old movies. As I understand it they get the 21st Century Fox studio that runs the FX Networks, which would include FXM and thus FXM Retro. I don't know if Disney gets any of Fox's older library and without that, well, there wouldn't be an FXM Retro, would there?

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