Sunday, December 10, 2017

IMDB User Reviews

So yesterday afternoon I was looking up some movies on IMDb. As an example, I went to the page for Scarlet Street, which is going to be on TCM tomorrow morning at 7:45 AM. Normally, just after the "Did you know" section, there was one user review, which at the end had a link to all the user reviews. But suddenly, yesterday afternoon that was gone. I could swear it was there yesterday morning, and note that I prefer the old format for the movie pages. There's still a link in the sidebar over on the left for User Reviews. But it did get me to wondering whether IMDb is planning on doing anything with the user reviews.

I was wondering if there were just a problem for me, and tried to see if IMDb said anything about the change. IMDb's Facebook and Twitter pages are just fluff, but there was one commenter who pointed out the change and wondered why it happened. There was another one from about a day ago talking about the change to TV listings, something that may or may not be the same thing I noticed back in October.

But since I use the old format for viewing IMDb, I was wondering if the regular format they want people to use had changed. It was actually a bit of work for me to find out, since I keep myself logged in by default, and every time I tried to get rid of the "reference" bit at the end of link, it sent me to the old format. I didn't feel like logging out since I'm not certain where my password is, so I got the idea of trying to open the link in a "private" (for Firefox; I assume it would be incognito in Chrome) window. Interesting, the user comment is there near the bottom, as well as a "User Reviews" link near the top.

So I have no idea what's up with the IMDb user reviews.

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