Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday Movie Picks #180: 2018 Movie things I'm looking forward to

This being Thursday, it's time for another edition of "Thursday Movie Picks", the blogathon run by Wandering Through the Shelves. This week's theme is supposed to be "2018 Movies I'm looking forward to", but I have to admit that I very rarely go to the movie theater, especially since I prefer old movies. The last time I went was for a matinee showing of Florence Foster Jenkins a year and a half ago. But there are some movie-related things I'm looking forward to:

1. How will IMDb screw around with their site in 2018? They got rid of the TV listings; they got rid of the forums; they messed up user reviews, and now they're in the middle of doing away with the old reference view. The last time I looked up a person's page, the reference view was no longer there, and today I notice big changes to the reference view for movies (or, at least, for the movie Private Lives; I assume other movie pages are the same). What other long-term functionality will they remove?

2. What's going to happen to FXM Retro? As I understand it, Disney's plan to buy some of the Fox assets would include the FX channels. It seems logical that Disney wouldn't devote a channel to movies from the Fox studio. When the old Fox Movie Channel changed format back at the beginning of 2012, I gave it six months. Surprisingly, it's lasted six years.

3. I've got a ton of movies on my DVR that I've never seen before, as well as a bunch of DVDs. Unfortunately I've been busy, which is why actual posts about movies have been fewer. (Well, Thursdays have also been taken up by this blogathon, which has been a lot of fun.) With any luck I'll be able to watch more old movies in 2018.

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joel65913 said...

It is hard to keep up with the DVR when there are string of good movies showing and then the push when the thing gets close to full not to lose anything. Good luck catching up!

I find FXM Retro so limited after TCM has spoiled me, they seem to show the same group of films continuously give them a rest for a bit and then trot them back out. With the immense library Fox has the slim pickins is disappointing. I keep my eye on it but it's rare I record anything off it.

I don't go to the theatre to see film like I use to either, I did go to see the new Murder on the Orient Express a few weeks ago (it was a disappointment missing the fun and glamour of the Albert Finney version) but these three and in particular the last are ones I'm looking forward to.

Oceans 8-Femimine reworking of the fun Brad Pitt/George Clooney heist flick Oceans 11 (though why they couldn’t find 3 more famous women to make up the original number is troubling) itself a reworking of the Rat Pack original. As long as it keeps that sense of humor this should be a jolly time at the movies with hopefully a smooth tie-in of Matt Damon’s character from the other film.

Mary Poppins Returns-The magical nanny returns to help the children of the now grown children she cared for in the original classic. Apparently great care has been taken to protect the memory of the first with an amazing cast, including in some capacity Dick Van Dyke & Angela Lansbury (yeah). It will be tough to capture the special whimsy of the first but it will be interesting to see the attempt.

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story-In festival showing this documentary about the legendary movie star beauty who was sharp as a whip and an avid inventor (responsible for much of the basis of what is modern day internet technology) but whom was not taken seriously because of that same ravishing exterior has been acclaimed. She considered her beauty a cage from which she couldn’t escape and when faced with narrow minded comments about the improbability that a woman who looked as she did could also have a strong mind she replied “If I am a ‘new Hedy’ as some say, it is because they are seeing me as I really am, not looking at the outside of me.” Scheduled for a theatrical release early in 2018 this sounds fascinating.