Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Screenshots from Night Descends on Treasure Island

I mentioned the Traveltalks short Night Descends on Treasure Island back in 2013, commenting that it was a physically beautiful Traveltalks short, looking at the light show that was set up for nighttime visitors to the island. (Well, that, and an art exhibit that takes up half the short.) The light show is spectacular, and would probably be even better on a big screen.

Thanks to the Traveltalks shorts having been released to DVD recently, I can now get some screenshots from the short. I don't think these quite do justice to what it would look like if it were restored, but they should give you an idea. The short starts off with an overview of the whole site:

There are some fountains outside the buildings:

And then there are individual statues that were lighted up:

Much more interesting than paintings.

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