Monday, December 18, 2017

Notes on upcoming programming, December 18-19, 2017

Tonight's lineup on TCM is going to be a bunch of Rex Harrison movies. That includes Blithe Spirit overnight at 1:45 AM, which in my opinion is probably the best of the movies. For some reason I thought there was an earlier version of this one made in the 1930s. But it turns out that Noël Coward wrote the play in 1941, so there couldn't have been a movie version of it in the 1930s. I think I was getting this one mixed up with MGM's 1931 version of Private Lives, also based on a Coward play.

Tomorrow morning at 11:15 AM, there's an airing of A Scandal in Paris, which being a Universal movie, doesn't show up on TCM very often. It's worth a watch, even though there are other George Sanders movies I prefer.

Meanwhile, over on FXM Retro at 9:50 AM tomorrow (and then again Wednesday morning), there's a chance to catch Crash Dive, the Tyrone Power submarine movie that he made just before going off to World War II. I didn't care all that much for this mostly because of the predictable war movie themes, but I'm sure it's one of those that other people would rate more highly.

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