Tuesday, December 12, 2017

An update on IMDb's user reviews

I mentioned back on Sunday that IMDb seemed to have gotten rid of the user review that links to all the others on the front page of the old style, but still had it on the new-style pages for movies. As you might be able to guess from the links above, I recently watched This Is Spinal Tap from the recent TCM airing as part of the BBC list of funniest comedies of all time. (I was intending to do a review today, although that may come a bit later.)

What I noticed today was that the old style still doesn't have one full review on the front page, which isn't that big a deal of course since there's still the "user reviews" link on the sidebar on the left, and it's the same amount of clicks to get to the reviews either way. But now the actual reviews page seems to be more optimized for tablets and smartphones. For reviews that aren't short, there's a down arrow that you have to click on to get the full review. After the first ten reviews there isn't a set of links to pages (each with ten reviews), just a "load more" button that loads another ten reviews.

I can't tell if there's any way to change the sorting of reviews, or an index page if you're looking for one particular review. I do remember certain specific reviews for certain movies, like the person who first saw Xanadu at a showing with a whole bunch of gay men who knew every line, or the guy who got the soundtrack album for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band when his parents were working at the Canadian embassy in Moscow, and wondered for years what the movie was like. And when I tried what looked like it should be a link to an individual comment:


I got an error message.

Who knows what's up with the user reviews, but right know they're slightly less convenient and useful.

Edit: The IMDb admin types announced all this here.

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