Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Cremator?

Foreign cinema is one of those areas I have to admit I don't know as much about as I probably ought to what with being a movie blogger. One of the ways I learn about foreign films I wouldn't otherwise know is through my listening to what used to be the old short-wave international broadcasters.

The other day, Radio Prague had a report on The Cremator, a 1969 Czech movie that is getting a new Blu-ray release. It's a movie I had never heard of, but one that sounds interesting. The link above includes a transcript (more or less) of the audio, and there's also an opportunity to listen via streaming audio, or to download the MP3 (that link is 1.7 MB, which should be about 3:30).

The Cremator doesn't seem to be available in America, but only through the distributor, Second Run DVD, a British company. The Blu-ray claims to be region-free (they have a DVD that came out 10 years ago which apparently is not region-free), but is pricey at £19.99 plus postage from the UK. There was a completely unrelated movie which I had also never heard of called The Cremators which looks like silly low-budget fun.

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