Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adding to the blogroll

I've added the blog Classic Movie Ramblings, by a blogger calling himself "D For Doom" (or at least I think that's how it should be parsed), to the blog roll.

I notice that one of his most recent posts is on Union Station, a very nifty little thriller from Paramount in 1950 which should not be confused with Warner Bros.' 1932 movie Union Depot, an all-star movie in the vein of Grand Hotel, only set at a train station. There's also Central Station, although that's a 1998 movie from Brazil so it would be difficult to confuse it with anything from Hollywood in the 1950s Central Station, in turn, should not be confused with Central Airport, a movie that for some reason I always think is called Central Station even though I know it's about an airport.

I thought I had blogged about boht Union Station and Union Depot at some point, but a search of the blog claims that I haven't.

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