Friday, November 9, 2012

The Maltese Falcon

I've talked about Hollywood's lack of originality before on several occasions. One of the things I've specifically mentioned is how Humphrey Bogart's version of The Maltese Falcon isn't the first movie version. In fact, there was a version made in 1931 starring Ricardo Cortez as Sam Spade. You can catch the 1931 version tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM on TCM. I have to admit, however, that it's one of those films where I don't really remember all the differences between the original and the more well-known remake.

Another example of this is What Price Hollywood?, which is considered by many to be the original version of A Star Is Born; I've mentioned this factoid quite a few times. But I'm mentioning it again today because the star of What Price Hollywood? just happens to be TCM's Star of the Month for November, Constance Bennett. So it's coming up in a week's time.

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