Friday, November 30, 2012

Do not touch the Grisbi!

I probably should have mentioned earlier that tonight sees this month's TCM "Guest Programmer". The only thing is, it isn't one guest programmer this month, but four of the bloggers from TCM's Movie Morlocks web-site. We finally get to see what they look like! Not that I should talk: Helen of Troy may have had the face that launched a thousand ships, but I've got the face that broke a thousand cameras. The night's lineup is

The Locket kicks off the night at 8:00 PM. Laraine Day plays a user of men in this movie made difficult to follow because it's got flashback after flashback after flashback.
That's followed at 9:45 PM by Dracula's Daughter; I presume you can figure out what the subject of this one is.
At 11:15 PM comes Touchez Pas Au Grisbi, a French gangster movie with Jean Gabin as an againg gangster who finds that the times are changing around him.
Finally, at 1:00 AM, is Five Million Years to Earth (also known as Quatermass and the Pit), a hilarious scifi movie based on the premis that humans are descended from insects and some still have the insect mentality in their mind.

Unrelated, but Fashion's Mirror, which I mentioned two weeks ago, is schedule to air again at the end of the overnight, or about 5:50 AM tomorrow morning.

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