Friday, November 16, 2012

Peter O'Toole

I don't particularly care for Lawrence of Arabia, but it's airing again tonight at 8:00 PM on TCM. I knew I'd mentioned it before, but it was back in April 2008 that I made the suggestion that Erich von Stroheim's Death Valley sequences in Greed would have matched some of David Lean's desert sequences if only they had had widescreen photography back in 1924. And the story of Lawrence of Arabia doesn't particularly interest me. But I'm sure there are people out there who enjoy it, and they get another chance to see it tonight.

Why I'm mentioning O'Toole is that at midnight, following Lawrence of Arabia, TCM is running an interview that was done with O'Toole at the TCM Film Festival, I think back in 2011. It's an interesting interview, in part because O'Toole talks about how he became an actor and the part of his career before he really became famous. The interview runs about an hour, although I read some place that at the Film Festival, the interview actually went on for over two hours, forcing a good deal of editing to make the product we have on TV.

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