Friday, November 16, 2012

Blasts from the past and future

Over on the TCM boards, somebody was talking about the attempt to get a postage stamp to commemorate Tyrone Power's 100th birthday, which I believe is coming up in 2014. It reminded me of the set above which was issued back in 1994, when first-class postage was all of 29 cents. Some of the images are obvious, by noted sketch artist Al Hirschfeld (subject of the 1996 documentary The Line King), even without the captions: Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp, or Buster Keaton with his hat. If I had only known that this was an issue of actors, I might have guessed George Burns for the Harold Lloyd image, since he had the same sort of glasses and the image looks older than Lloyd would have been in the 20s. (Of course, Burns wouldn't have been eligible for a postage stamp at that time as he was still alive.) I don't think I would have guessed any of the women correctly. In fact, I believe this stamp issue was my introduction to Zasu Pitts.

Unfortunately, when I tried to upload the image to Photobucket, they tried to force a new interface on me, which didn't work: hitting the "Upload" button led to a blank page. Thankfully, there's still a link to go back to the "old" Photobucket, but as with Blogger, I wonder how long they're going to maintain the old site before trying to force everybody into the new interface. It'll be time to start looking for a new photo hosting site at that point, I suppose.

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