Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Marc Platt, 1913-2014

I just noticed the obituary for Marc Platt, a dancer and actor whose most famous film role would be as one of the brothers in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Platt was 100, and according to the obituary fairly active until late in life.

I have to admit that Seven Brides for Seven Brothers isn't a favorite of mine, although that's something you probably could have figured out if you've read this blog enough. Musicals aren't my favorite genre, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one that I find particularly artificial. On the other hand, I'm always intrigued by people who are able to remain active until a very advanced age, so the story of somebody like Platt, who started out in the late 1930s, is interesting in that regard.

Platt is another of those people who will only be showing up in TCM's year end TCM Remembers piece of people who died earlier in the year. I'm sorry to say that, not remembering which brother is which, I couldn't find a good photo to illustrate this post that I would be certain was Platt from the movie.

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