Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stopover in Hollywood

TCM is honoring Doris Day on her 90th birthday today, although I've also seen conflicting sources that claim Day was born in 1922. At any rate, it's 24 hours of Doris Day, minus a couple of shorts. The one that looks mildly interesting is Stopover in Hollywood, at about 7:39 PM, or just after Tunnel of Love (6:00 PM, 98 min). It's another of those "let's see all those famous places in Hollywood" shorts, of which quite a few have been made. This one dates from the early 1960s. If I'm not mistaken, the "Hollywood" sign was really beginning to fall into disrepair by the early 1960s, ultimately being restored to what we see today in the late 1970s. So somehow, I doubt we'll be seeing that.

The other short, which I mentioned briefly last October, is Every Girl's Dream. It's on following Send Me No Flowers (midnight, 100 min plus an intro and outro from Ben Mankiewicz), or about 1:43 AM. This one has the queen of the Cotton Bowl brought in to Hollywood by MGM, who try to make her more glamorous as she more or less is a walking advert for cotton garments. When I wrote about it mive months ago, I mentioned that it also has a brief mention of The Glass Bottom Boat, which happens to be a Doris Day movie that's not airing today. You'll have to make do with The Glass Bottom Boat in Catalina, which you can see at about 3:38 AM, or following With Six You Get Eggroll (2:00 AM, 95 min and there should be an intro/outro from Ben Mankiewicz).

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