Sunday, April 6, 2014

Red Light to get DVD release!

I blogged about the interesting movie Red Light back in November 2011. It's one that I actually quite enjoyed, although it does have some serious plot holes. It didn't seem to be on DVD at the time. But as I was online looking at TCM's schedule, I noticed the little news headlines along the right side of the page had a link to an article on a DVD release for Red Light. The article doesn't say when the release is, or was, but it's courtesy of the Warner Archive.

Various sidebars on the schedule page and on the link to the Red Light release above mention some othe rinteresting things to be getting DVD releases. First, Columbia is releasing a fourth volume of "Film Noir" movies. I put "Film Noir" in quotes because there's at least one I don't know that I'd consider a noir, that being Walk East on Beacon, which is more of a docudrama about the hunt for Communist spies than it is a noir. The set also includes Johnny O'Clock, which is more of a noir.

Finally is Roadblock, which has Charles McGraw falling for a girl and doing al sorts of illegal things. It's got nice photography of northern California, and nice photography at the end of dried-out and concreted riverbeds in Los Angeles. This is one of those movies I really ought to do a full-length post on the next time it shows up on TCM, as it's been quite a few years since I've seen it.

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