Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Alec Guinness photos

Alec Guinness with Stanley Holloway in The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)

Today is the centenary of actor Alec Guinness, about whom I already did a birthday post three years ago. But since it's his centenary, TCM is spending all 24 hours of its broadcast day with Guinness movies. I've blogged about quite a few of them before, but didn't provide photos for all of them, as with my post on The Lavender Hill Mob, which is airing at 3:45 PM.

One Guinness movie that I haven't blogged about before but it on today's schedule is A Majority of One, at 1:45 AM. This one has Guinness as a Japanese widower who meets and falls in love with Jewish-American mother Rosalind Russell in Japan in the 1950s; the two teach us some obvious messages about tolerance and forgiveness. Or hits us over the head with those messages, if you will. The movie is in color, but in tring to look for good photos from the movie, I could only find black-and-white photos of Guinness and Russell. The two of them look all wrong, don't they?

I've used this photo from Kind Hearts and Coronets before; that's airing at 1:45 PM this afternoon. I prefer it to The Ladykillers, which kicks off prime time tonight at 8:00 PM, although I think I was a bit too harsh in my criticism of The Ladykillers. Most of the comments I've seen from professional critics have them giving the opinion that The Ladykillers is much the better movie, but I prefered The Lavender Hill Mob for whatever reason.

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