Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two related movies, back on FXM/FMC

It was three years ago that I first recommended Yellow Sky. It's a darn good western from Fox, starring Gregory Peck as the head of a gang of old west bank robbers who wind up in a ghost town where only an old man and his granddaughter (Anne Baxter) live. Peck begins to fall for Baxter, while the other gangsters figure out there's a reason why the old guy and his pretty granddaughter are here, and eventually figure out what that reason it. At any rate, it's back on FXM/FMC for the first time in a few years, tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. So if you're not too into the Mickey Rooney movies, Yellow Sky is a film that's well worth a watch.

Yellow Sky was remade in the late 60s as The Jackals. Vincent Price gets top billing in the grandfather role; the rest of the the cast is a bunch of relative no names, as the movie was filmed in Australia and set in South Africa. It's certainly inferior to Yellow Sky but not as bad as some reviewers would have you believe. If you want to judge the two movies, this week is your chance: The Jackals will be airing next Friday, at 10:45 AM on FXM/FMC.

Both movies have been released to DVD, but I'm not certain if either of them is still in print.

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Kizone Kaprow said...

Fascinating as always, Ted!
Say, have you heard any good Libertarian Jokes?