Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A couple more obituaries

Steven Hill died yesterday at the age of 94. He might be best known for playing the district attorney on the long-running TV show LA Law, but I had the chance recently to blog about one of his movies, Running on Empty. In that, he has a small role as the father of Christine Lahti's character, a man who hasn't seen his daughter in 14 years because she's on the run from the law. He only has the one scene, but it's a memorable one. Hill also played the ex-husband of Anne Bancroft's character in Garbo Talks.

Sir Antony Jay died over the weekend aged 86. Jay actually has fairly little to do with the movies, except where any of the television work he created was adapted into a movie. Instead, he, with Jonathan Lynn, created the popular British sitcom Yes Minister. Lynn, interestingly, does have a career in the movies, having directed both the British comedy Nuns on the Run as well as the very American comedy My Cousin Vinny, among others.

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