Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shorts and FXM for August 17-18, 2016

TCM has been having quite a few shorts running recently. Today, for example, sees three later Traveltalks shorts:

In the Valley of the Rhine, at 6:05 PM, is one of the very last of the series.
Then there's Calling on Michigan at 7:48 PM, one of three that FitzPatrick made during a visit to Michigan in the late 1940s; and
A Wee Bit of Scotland at 9:33 PM, which also dates from the late 1940s. There's one that FitzPatrick did looking at bombed-out London just after the end of World War II that I think is more worth watching.

As for other shorts, overnight at 2:35 AM there's another chance to watch Four Minute Fever, one of the RKO sports shorts from the mid-1950s.

Over on FXM Retro, they're rerunning Seven Thieves this morning at 11:25 AM, followed at 1:10 PM by Boy on a Dolphin. The latter movie shows up again tomorrow morning at 4:00 AM.

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