Monday, August 22, 2016

FXM Retro doing something interesting

I don't know if the folks who program the lineup on the morning FXM Retro part of the FXM schedule really put that much thought into it, but it looks as though somebody had an idea. Coming up today at 9:30 AM and tomorrow at 8:00 AM, you can catch, The Rains Came, one of Fox's prestige movies from the classic year of 1939.

Now, that in and of itself is no big deal. But the two apperances of The Rains Came will be followed by The Rains of Ranchipur, which is the 1950s Cinemascope color remake of The Rains Came. Those airings will be at 11:15 AM today, and 9:45 AM tomorrow. In the remake, Lana Turner takes the Myrna Loy part; Richard Burton does the Tyrone Power part; and Fred MacMurray the George Sanders part.

I'm not certain I'd want to see the two movies back to back, but at least somebody over there seems to be thinking. (And, FXM Retro is still trundling along; the suits still haven't pulled the plug.)

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