Thursday, August 4, 2016

I apologize for missing Michael Feinstein

Sometime back in July, it was posted over on the TCM boards that Michael Feinstein was going to be the guest host taking some of what would have been Robert Osborne's nights hosting. I wasn't intending to post on this until tomorrow, since for some reason I thought he was going to be hosting on the weekends, which would have made tomorrow just the time to post it. In fact, he's hosting on Monday's through Wednesday, which means he was the host the past three nights (and I haven't actually watched any live TCM the past three nights, what with having to get up at 4:30 every morning).

As for Feinstein, I thought he was quite good when he was the Guest Programmer in January 2015. He clearly has a sizable knowledge of musicals, and when he introduced his first movie, he talked about composer David Raksin and even sat down at the piano on the TCM set and played the signature tune from The Bad and the Beautiful. (I wonder how long it had been since the previous time that piano prop had a tuning. Heck, I wonder if the prop is even a playable piano. It would be cheaper for the stage hands to move a prop that had all the strings taken out of it every time they have to strike the set. Grand pianos are heavy.)

I don't know how good he's been as a regular guest host, if only because I didn't see any of his intros and don't know just how much knowledge he has of non-musicals. But I didn't come across any complaints on the TCM boards, which is a good sign.

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