Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Behind the scenes of a Reinhard Heydrich movie

I've mentioned the name Reinhard Heydrich several times before. Heydrich was the man the Nazis put in charge of the Czech lands (Slovakia was a separate puppet state during World War II) after they took over the place in 1939. He was assassinated, and a couple of movies were made about the subject during World War II, most notably Hangmen Also Die.

There's a new English-language movie about the subject called Anthropoid which has received a limited release so far; IMDb does seen to say when it's going to go into wide release. The title comes from the name "Operation Anthropoid", the code name of the operation to assassinate Heydrich.

This version, unlike the others, was filmed in the Czech Republic; there are of course obvious reasons why Hollywood couldn't make previous versions there. Radio Prague's English section interviewed historian Zdeněk Špitálník, who was a technical advisor on the movie. As is the case with most of Radio Prague's programs, there's a transcript of the interview.

If, however, you'd rather listen to the audio, you can listen at that website via the embedded audio player, or download the MP3 directly (4.1 MB, around 9 minutes).

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