Sunday, March 12, 2017

Back on FXM movies: March 12-13, 2017

Perhaps I should have blogged about this yesterday, along with the time change, but I notice a couple of movies that are returning to FXM after a long layoff.

First, this morning at 10:20 AM, there's an airing of We're Not Married!. This fun Fox anthology film tells of a justice of the peace whose license doesn't go into force until the new year, and who mistakenly married five couples between Christmas and New Year's, so they find out some time later they're technically not married. (Well, they'd be in common-law marriages, but ignore that for the purposes of the movie.)

Tomorrow at 1:25 PM is an airing of The Street With No Name, which is part of another cycle of movies Fox put out in the late 1940s and early 1950s: the docudrama. It thought I had done a full-length post on this one, but apparently not, only mentioning it in a Lloyd Nolan birthday salute. Here he plays more or less the same FBI character he did in The House on 92nd Street, training Mark Stevens to become an undercover agent. Stevens' job is to infiltrate a gang led by Richard Widmark; that gang is gettin inside information from the police and it's Stevens' job to figure out how before he's figured out himself. Another good Fox docudrama.

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