Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TCM Remembers Robert Osborne

I made a point of watching the intro to A Man Called Peter yesterday evening since I was interested to see if the print would be widescreen. (After the credits and opening titles that were designed for widescren, the first real scene did in fact remain widescreen. But I didn't watch the whole movie.) I found the use of the traditional prime time feature opening a bit jarring, since the title at the end announces a Feature Presentation with Robert Osborne. Frankly, I can't recall reading whether there was supposed to be a guest host this month. But Ben Mankiewicz came on against an all-black background, and it was clear that TCM had already done something to honor the late Osborne.

The short piece above is what followed Ben's generic comments, which didn't name any movie so that they could be used before every movie last night -- there was also no outro after My Cousin Rachel. Ben also said something about TCM honoring Robert more fully in the coming days, although there doesn't seem to be anything on the TCM site about it yet.

And no, I don't recognize the voices from the piece, although I can guess a lot of them are from people who honored Robert at the TCM Film Festival thing Alex Trebek hosted that was almost a This Is Your Life episode.

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