Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bicycle film festival?

So the following item appeared in my RSS feeds this morning, courtesy of Radio New Zealand:

Sound Archives: the Bicycle Film Festival

It's 200 years since the first bike was built, and in New Zealand, we've been using them for more than 140 years. Nga Taonga Sound and Vision is celebrating bikes with a film festival devoted to cycling, which opens tonight. Di Pivac from Nga Taonga talks us through the programme.

The website for the festival is here; the Nga Taonga archive has a page about last year's festival, not this year's. Radio New Zealand's page allows you to stream the audio (just under 10 minutes) or download it (just under 10MB).

As for the festival itself, there's an amazing amount of buzzword crap on it, which to my eye comes across as directed at a stereotype of a class of people who would attend film festivals. Those old saws about foreign films being pretentious and only liked by a certain class of English-speakers? Yeah, that class. Do you know anybody who "demands" to have their bicycle story told on film? Seriously? And they're making it difficult to find what movies are being shown?

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