Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Judith of Bethulia

I coldn't think of anything to blog about today since a couple of the movies I've watched recently aren't available on DVD and I haven't gotten through my stack of DVDs which would be the movies that pretty obviously are available on DVD. So I decided to see what of Lillian Gish's work was available on Youtube.

I picked her largely because I don't think I've picked her before, but also because I was under the impression that more of her stuff that's in the public domain (pre-1923) would be available because D.W. Griffith had donated copies of a lot of his work to MoMA for preservation. (I think it was the Fragments special that TCM ran that mentioned this.) Surprisingly, a couple of the titles I selected didn't yield any hits on Youtube.

One that did is 1914's Judith of Bethulia, which I haven't seen before. IMDb lists a running time of 61 minutes; there are versions of various length on Youtube. I'm not certain how much of that is down to different frame rates. Gish doesn't play the title role; that's Blanche Sweet.

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